Lamastus Family Estates, is a coffee producing family since 1918, owns the Elida Estate coffee, El Burro Estate and Luito Geisha Estate. Elida and El Burro Estate cafes have been consistent winners of many quality awards in international and local competitions.

The elevation of the plantation, the quality controls of the plantation oriented to the best quality are operated by three generations of coffee growers; the grandfather, Thatcher, her son Wilford and her grandson Wilford Jr. share the passion for coffee and the family tradition that have made it possible.


Lamastus Family Estates

Catuai Espresso Blend - Lamastus
Catuai Espresso Blend (Lavado) de la finca Lamastus Family Estates...
apricot blackberry Cherry
Catuai Lavado - Lamastus Family Estates
Specialty Coffee de Lamastus Family Estates. Catuai Lavado de la...
Geisha Natural Asd - El Burro Estate (Lamastus)
120g Geisha Natural Anaerobico de El Burro Estate de Lamastus Family...