Terms of service

PCC Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions govern the use of the panamacoffeeclub.com website (hereinafter the "Website") owned by COFFEE CLUB TRADERS S.A., a company incorporated and existing in accordance with the Laws of the Republic of Panama, duly registered at Folio Nº 155688148, of the Microfilm (Commercial) Section of the Public Registry (hereinafter "Panama Coffee Club"), domiciled in Panama City, Republic of Panama and its users, consumers or visitors (hereinafter the "Client") .

The Client accepts the terms and conditions of use that govern the relationship between Panama Coffee Club and the Client. By accessing or using the Website, the Client expresses his willingness to be bound by these conditions of use and declares that he has read and understood them. In the event that the Client does not accept these terms and conditions, they must refrain from accessing or using this Website.

Without prior notice, Panama Coffee Club, may amend these conditions of use and, in general, all the elements contained in the Website, so that each time the Client accesses the same, it will be understood that they accept the performed modifications.

The Website contains exclusive intellectual property rights that must be respected in accordance to Panamanian legislation.

The Website and any of its parts may not be copied, reproduced or used without the express and written consent of Panama Coffee Club, with the sole exception that the Client is granted a non-exclusive and non-transferable permission to access the contents of the Website, of the IT System on their computer system, under these conditions, for as long as Panama Coffee Club deems, and without this representing any permission on intellectual property rights.

Panama Coffee Club may establish additional conditions for each of the products, which will be duly informed.

Panama Coffee Club does not guarantee the uninterrupted use of the Website or that its information is up to date and, therefore, it is noted that it may contain errors. The Client must appraise itself through direct contact with Panama Coffee Club staff, through the contact addresses published on the Website, if the conditions of the product to be purchased are updated.

User registration and data privacy.

In order to use the website service, the registration procedure must be completed in advance and, from that moment, those who do so will be considered service users, it being understood that by that fact alone they accept the Rules and Conditions applicable to the use of the Website stated herein.

The registration procedure will require, in a minimum way and without prejudice to requesting requirements, background or additional information, that the interested party is of legal age, can freely dispose of their goods and that they provide the data that Panama Coffee Club requests through the corresponding Form published on the website, which will be done so, in accordance with Act 81 of March 26, 2019, published in Official Gazette 28743-A of March 29, 2019, on protection of personal information.

Among the information that will be required for registration is the full name, address, and email and cell pone number, authorizing Panama Coffee Club to use them for the purposes of providing the service.

The registration process will assign a username, which will coincide with the email address provided for the purpose of registration, and a temporary access password, which must be modified by users the first time they enter the service system. It is the sole responsibility of each user to safeguard the password, safeguard its security and assume the consequences derived from improper use if such custody is not effective.

The user undertakes that all the information provided is effective, is kept up to date and that Panama Coffee Club must be notified, through the contact addresses provided on the Website, of any change on the provided information. The user will be responsible for the inaccuracy or falsity of the provided information, and will be liable for any damage derived from it to Panama Coffee Club or third parties. When the client does not wish to continue using the Website and does not agree with the modifications of the conditions, they must notify the contact email informed in the registration process.