The Lezcano family, represent 5 Generations of coffee producers since 1947. With the vigorous efforts of our grandfather, Santos, to whom we owe our company name, and my father, Mario. Recently build our milling area.

Santos Café Panamá, has an extension of 55 hectares in which we grow Caturra and Catuai plantations blended in a volcanic soil that goes from 1,100mts up to 1,400mts; and with a new acquisition we are also growing Pacamara (80%) Bourbon, and Geisha on a farm called La Mimada, which is our higher altitude with temperatures that goes bellow 15ºC, this farm is highly helped by wide grown shade, investing on our temperature variations, more sweet and bright.

In order to handcraft the cup you will be tasting from Santos, we have a team of professional, from several agronomists on our family, a master in coffee (MCES), our Grandfather and our strong associate’s team who assist us on the care and manual recollection of our wonderful beans! And very important, always learning from our clients and friends that surround us!

Santos Café

Caturra-Catuai Blend (El Guacamayo) - Santos Café
Caturra y Catuai Blend de Santos Café. Proceso Lavado. Tueste...
caña de azucar chocolate cítrico
Pacamara Natural (El Potro) - Santos Café En oferta
Pacamara Natural (El Potro) - Santos Café
Specialty coffee de finca Santos Café, ubicada en Chiriquí, República...
cebolla dulce frambuesa guayaba
$21.00 $17.00
Golden Bourbon - Santos Café En oferta
Golden Bourbon - Santos Café
Specialty coffee de la finca Santos Café, ubicada en Santa...
frutos rojos frutos rojos ciruela pasa uchuva
$19.00 $16.15